About PendantsHoard


PendantsHoard began on Etsy in May of 2019. It was my Senior year of High School and I wanted to start something of my own before moving on to college. I stumbled into making glass cabochon pendants by pure chance, honestly. I soon began learning how to craft these pieces so I could have custom accessories for myself. This then turned into me gifting them to my friends and family and they loved every single one. 

My dad says to me one day, "you know, you could probably sell these. I'm sure lots of people would like your ideas."

So I spent time considering between Amazon, Ebay, and making my own website before finally settling on Etsy. It was a slow first few months and then over the summer something crazy happened, I started selling even more. I finally had something all mine.

Fast forward to January 2021. I decide that I want to make this completely all mine, and that means taking a big step- my own website. I get thrown into the fire learning about html and business management and all this other crazy stuff. But when March rolls around I'm finally ready to open my store, PendantsHoard.com

It was a long process, but I'm finally here and I couldn't be happier. 

Our products:

All of our products are handmade in the US. They are all created by a single person, no factories or assembly lines. When you order handmade, you should get handmade, that's our philosophy.

Our products are inspired by a lot of different media and pop culture from video games to books to movies. All of our "inspired" products fall under respective fanmerch and use policies.

All of our products ship worldwide. 


At this time we currently do not accept PayPal. All payments are handled through Shopify Payments, so we never see any of your information. We may accept PayPal at a later date or on a case-by-case basis if you email pendantshoard@gmail.com.