Custom Orders

For custom orders please contact

What we can do:

  • Use a photograph you provide (with consent from the owner)
  • Use a drawing you provide (with consent from the owner)
  • Design an original design based off of particular criteria\
  • Recolor/edit existing designs in our store

Design work has an extra design fee that varies from a case by case basis. It depends on the amount of work required to create the design. If the image is provided to us or is a simple redesign of an existing design the price will match those of our base price in our shop ($8- $12).

Example: You took a photograph of the night sky and want us to use it to make a pendant out of. We can do this!

Example: You like this character from a game and want us to great a pendant inspired by them, so long as you give ample criteria we can do this!

What we can't do:

  • Use other's content without permission

Example: Let's say you own an OC (original character) and you have a piece of artwork that you really like of them and want us to use that to make a pendant. Unless you are the artist or you have permission from the artist to do such, we cannot make this for you. 

Example: There's a photograph of your favorite beach that you really like. If you did not take the photograph the photograph either needs to be free use or we must have permission from the photographer.