**Free ZIP Download, Persona 5 Mask Phone Wallpapers**


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4 of wallpapers with the Persona 5 Masks for various phone wallpapers are available FREE to download for PersonaCon 2021 ONLY. While these are free, a tip at checkout would be MUCH appreciated. 

By downloading this product you agree:

- All artwork belongs to the original owner and creator Clya/PendantsHoard  © PendantsHoard 2021

- The artwork does not belong to you, the customer, or any other entity. You will not trace, edit, or claim the artwork as your own.

- You, the customer, has the right to use this for private/personal use and will not use it to obtain revenue in any way, shape or form, this applies to: reselling the artwork, using the artwork as (for example) Twitch badges or using the artwork in an advertisement. If you wish to use this artwork for these or similar purposes, please contact hanakclya@gmail.com 

- Reposting of this work is allowed with proper credited formatted as "Persona 5R/S Masks artwork is created by Clya. Twitter: @Clya_Lyren" 

- Failure to follow these rules may result in legal action.