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Stock is constantly updating. Not all B-Grades may be listed here at any time, feel free to contact us to inquire about specific designs that may not be listed.

These pendants are B-Grades meaning there may be small scratches, small air bubbles or other imperfections that make them ineligible for regular sale. By purchasing one of these you acknowledge that fact.

CRTL-F may be your friend here!

All earrings are 12 mm. All pendants are 20mm unless otherwise stated. All pendants come with a jump ring attached.

There are currently 76 unique items.

1 Persona 5 Crow Mask (Black Mask)

2 MTG Blue Mana

3 The Promised Neverland Pocketwatch

4 Crest of Cethelean FE3H

5 FE3H Golden Deer

6 Promised Neverland Pocketwatch

7 Promised Neverland Pocketwatch

8 Goose with Knife

9 Mark of the Exalt

10 Aristocats

11 Divine Beast Vah Ruta

12 Kata Water Tribe symbol

13 Remnant’s Moon

14 One One

15 One One

16 Qrow RWBY

17 Promised Neverland Pocketwatch

18 Lion King

19 Katara water tribe symbol

20 Yiga Clan 

21 Grima's Mark

22 AoT Scouts

23 Katara Water Tribe symbol

24 The Promised Neverland Pocketwatch

25 Katara Water Tribe symbol

26 Black Eagles

27 Divine Beast Vah Ruta

28 Mega Evolution Stone

29 Dragonball

30 Yiga Clan

31 Katara Water Tribe symbol

32 Remnant Moon

33 Divine Beast Vah Naboris

34 Yiga Clan

35 AoT Scouts

36 The Promised Neverland Pocketwatch

37 Yiga Clan

38 Persona 5 Crow Mask (Black Mask)

39 DnD Symbols- Bard

40 Katara Water Tribe symbol

42 One one

43 Katara Water Tribe symbol

44 Divine Beast Vah Ruta

45 Miles Morales Spiderverse symbol

46 Black eagles

47 Yiga Clan

48 Divine Beast Vah Rudania

49 Sheikah Symbol

50 One one

52 Captain America's Shield

53 Remnant moon

54 Katara Water Tribe symbol

55 Hollow knight charm- Grubsong

56 The Promised Neverland Pocketwatch

57 Divine Beast Vah Ruta

58 Remnant moon

59 Shiekah Symbol

60 Hollow knight charm- Fragile Greed

61 One one

62 Divine Beast Vah Ruta

63 Katara Water Tribe symbol

64 Persona 5 Crow's Mask (Black Mask)

65 FE3H Crest Mosaic

66 Yiga Clan

67 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Relic Fragment

68 Golden deer

69 Yiga clan

70 Katara Water Tribe symbol

71 Remnant moon

72 Supersmash Final Smash Orb

73 Mark of the Exalt

74 AoT Scouts

75 Golden Deer Earrings

76 Golden deer earrings